Lantern Festival Brewed with Osmanthus Fragrans Wine

On the Lantern Festival, the elder sister of the next laboratory gave me a bottle of her own wine. She opened the bottle cap and swept her face with the fragrance. She could not wait to make the sweet-scented osmanthus wine to make the happy taste of Lantern Festival.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fermented glutinous rice 1cup
  • 2 Osmanthus molasses 1tbsp
  • 3 Red Bean Lantern Festival 6 grains
  • 4 Chinese wolfberry 20 grains
  • 5 corn starch 1tbsp
  • 6 Egg 1 only

Operational steps

  • 1 Starch corn in cold water to break up a whole egg
  • 2 4 Cup water and 1 Cup wine, boil, and float until Lantern Festival.
  • 3 Then washed wolfberry (without soaking or boiling) and beaten eggs
  • 4 Cook for two minutes. Add osmanthus molasses and corn starch paste and cook until sticky.


add or subtract any of the ingredients according to your taste

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