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Lazy Kimchi Hotpot Delicious

My favorite food is to add thick cheese to spicy rice cakes and multifarious meat troop pots. Its simple but super tasty. The materials inside can be added at will. Its really a fat weapon. So dont eat every day.

Food Material List

  • 1 Spicy cabbage 200g
  • 2 Streaky pork 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut onions and cut pork into pieces.
  • 2 In a hot pot, fry the pork slices and make the pork oil.
    Lazy Kimchi Hotpot
  • 3 When the meat is browned, stir-fry hot cabbage until translucent, then add onion slices and stir-fry. Add water and stew with tomato sauce, chili sauce, salt and sugar.
    Lazy Kimchi Hotpot
  • 4 Start another pot and add water to boil New Years Cake. Boil until soft, then you can get out of the pot. Lets set aside some cold water.
    Lazy Kimchi Hotpot
  • 5 Slice tofu and boil it over water.
    Lazy Kimchi Hotpot
  • 6 Stew tofu and rice cake in a pork pot for 2 minutes, then soak noodles (no seasoning), and cook for another 2 minutes to serve. Dont forget to add cheese powder before you start eating.
    Lazy Kimchi Hotpot


When frying pork, I like roast meat. So when frying pork until brown, you can control the temperature according to your own taste. Kimchi pot can rinse anything you like, such as dumplings, zucchini, whatever you like.

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