Western-style food

Leisure Points – Peanut Sticky

Food Material List

  • 1 Peanut meat 500g

Operational steps

  • 1 Dry the pan with a small fire. Pour the peanuts into the pan. Cook the pan with a small fire. Remove and cool.
    Leisure Points -
  • 2 Pour water and sugar into the pot, melt sugar and turn to low heat. Slowly boil a lot of small bubbles. Turn them over with a spatula and they will be more sticky. Pour them into the previously fried peanuts and stir them quickly and evenly.
    Leisure Points -
  • 3 Screen starch quickly with a filter, stir-fry it evenly with a spatula until the granules are dispersed and turn off the fire!
    Leisure Points -
  • 4 Disk, sift out excess starch, crisp after cooling and edible
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PS: Too hot, this thing, last night eat a few, in the morning the mouth bubbles < br > but really delicious, not afraid of fire relatives, try

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