Leles own dish – Bacon fried garlic bolt

Garlic bolting early, a little too tender, but sweet and crisp is really very fresh and tender.

Food Material List

  • 1 Bacon, garlic bolt, smoked and dried, agaric, bamboo shoots

Operational steps

  • 1 Garlic bolt harvesting is really a hard work, and a few old waists will be broken.
    Leles own dish
  • 2 The bacon is shredded and steamed.
    Leles own dish
  • 3 Smoke, dry and clean, cut into shreds.
    Leles own dish
  • 4 Bamboo shoots are boiled in sugar water and shredded.
    Leles own dish
  • 5 Cut garlic bolt and agaric into shreds.
    Leles own dish
  • 6 First use ginger and pepper to make a pot, then put bacon, smoked and dried, let the oil add smoked and dried, fried and fragrant, then add bamboo shoots, agaric, garlic, fried and cooked, add salt before leaving the pot.
    Leles own dish

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