Leles own dish – fried rice with sophora flower and wheat

These days are the season when Sophora blossoms, and its also a good time to eat them. Sophora japonica has the effects of detoxification, anti-inflammation, healing sores, pain relief and hemostasis. It can also alleviate edema and promote wound healing. It can alleviate food poisoning and treat gastrointestinal ulcer and abdominal pain. The locust blossoms only from late April to early May every year, which seems to be precious. With the season, do more Sophora flower. Stir-fried rice with steamed sophora flower today.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sophora Japonica Rice
  • 2 Bacon

Operational steps

  • 1 Be sure to use the next days wheat, stir-fry and then loosen.
    Leles own dish
  • 2 In order to balance nutrition, I added some bacon.
    Leles own dish
  • 3 Small fire put bacon and scallion incense into Sophora rice, continue to stir, can not be lazy, until each flower bone is evenly covered with bacon oil.
    Leles own dish
  • 4 Finally, add a little bit of Bijie chili noodles. Dont underestimate this Bijie chili noodles. It really adds a lot of flavor to this pagoda wheat rice.
    Leles own dish

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