Lentinus edodes

I always like spicy food. Even chicken soup needs an old dried mother to be delicious. Guangdongs dried chili peppers are really not spicy, so I think about buying them online. I really find Baolu. The price is very cheap. I only buy 2 jin of dried chili peppers for 28 yuan. Its worth mentioning that this dry pepper is really hot. Ive never eaten such a delicious pepper in Guangdong. Search for dried chili peppers, a shop in Hangzhou. Whats the name of the village folk dry shop?

Food Material List

  • 1 Dry pepper 50g
  • 2 Dried mushrooms 80g (about a kilogram after foaming)
  • 3 sugar 2 spoons
  • 4 oil Slightly more
  • 5 sesame Appropriate amount (can be more points)
  • 6 water Half bowl (or not)

Operational steps

  • 1 Lentinus edodes foamed and washed
    Lentinus edodes
  • 2 Cutting, you cant chop it. Then give a spoonful of salt and squeeze out the water. Deep-fry in a frying pan until slightly coked. I forgot to take pictures. Sorry.
    Lentinus edodes
  • 3 A bowl of fried mushroom oil, chili noodles, fried mushrooms, sesame, sugar, a little salt, give a small bowl of water, boil for 5 minutes, let the mushroom taste better. There is no water when the pot starts.
    Lentinus edodes
  • 4 Finished products, you can also give more oil oh.
    Lentinus edodes
  • 5 Very delicious, can eat noodles, porridge, heavy taste can be used as snacks ah, I just drop, bored take toothpick pick pick one to eat, full mouth fragrance ah, haha
    Lentinus edodes

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