Lentinus edodes carrot bag

Food Material List

  • 1 flour 300g
  • 2 Pork 200g
  • 3 Mushrooms Some
  • 4 Carrot One root
  • 5 Green Chinese onion 3 paragraph
  • 6 onion 14
  • 7 ginger 1 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Open yeast powder with warm water, add flour and beat into a ball. Static fermentation.
    Lentinus edodes carrot
  • 2 Chopped meat fillings, put in a basin, put ginger, onion, onion, salt, soy sauce, pepper, chicken essence, cooking wine and other slowly homeopathic stirring. Add pepper and star anise in the frying pan and pour into the minced meat until the minced meat is sticky and stirred.
    Lentinus edodes carrot
  • 3 Meat fillings are left to taste. Carrots are shredded and mushrooms are boiled in hot water and diced. Mix the remaining ingredients in the minced meat and stir evenly.
    Lentinus edodes carrot
  • 4 Knead noodles to make the same size of flour, rolling, filling with meat stuffing, right thumb and index finger to squeeze steamed bun skin, a fold and a fold to press, while kneading and pulling the skin. Knead them in turn. Finally, close the port.
    Lentinus edodes carrot
  • 5 Cool water into the pot, let stand for 5 minutes, and steam for 15-20 minutes.
    Lentinus edodes carrot
  • 6 Turn off the fire and hold it for one minute. Open and cover the table.
    Lentinus edodes carrot

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