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Leopard Banana Cake Roll (with Banana Casta Paste)

What if you have ripe bananas at home? If you cant get rid of them, try this budding leopard-print banana cake roll.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Cake roll material:
  • 2 Low-gluten flour 100g
  • 3 Ripe Bananas (Medium Size) 2 roots
  • 4 butter 20g
  • 5 Egg 4
  • 6 White granulated sugar 30g
  • 7 Vanilla essence 3 drops
  • 8 Cocoa powder Appropriate amount
  • 9 milk 40ml
  • 10 Banana Casta Paste Material:
  • 11 Banana One root
  • 12 milk 160ml
  • 13 corn starch 20g
  • 14 Egg One

Operational steps

  • 1 First, make banana Casta sauce ~banana milk and eggs and mix them evenly in a blender.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 2 Pour into a small pot and sift in cornstarch. Stir well.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 3 While stirring continuously, heat it over a small fire. Boil it until it is sticky. Turn off the fire and stir it a few times. Cover the pot well to prevent the surface from drying.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 4 Next, make a cake roll. Eggs are separated into egg yolk, egg yolk and two bananas mashed. Milk is put together.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 5 Whisk the yolk paste and add the melted butter to mix evenly, then add vanilla essence to mix evenly. Finally, sift in the low gluten flour.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 6 Stir the batter to use.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 7 Spread a layer of oil on the baking tray and then spread a layer of baking paper. Then add sugar three times and beat the protein until it foams wetly.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 8 Mix the batter and put two parts into a small bowl. Add different amounts of cocoa powder to make two kinds of coffee-colored batter. Then take a small amount of whipped protein and mix it with two kinds of batter.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 9 Dig batter of different colors with a small spoon and draw leopard pattern on oil paper at will. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 1 minute to finalize.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 10 The remaining protein frost is cut and mixed three times or more, evenly mixing with the original batter.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 11 Pour the batter into the oil paper, shake the bubbles, and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 12 After baking, take it out and flip it upside down on the baking net, air it a little and tear off the grease paper.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 13 Brush a layer of honey water, can effectively prevent cracking.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 14 After airing, take a new piece of grease paper and buckle the cake upside down. The pattern is facing down, and put on the prepared Casta sauce. Then roll up the cake, wrap it in oil paper and put it in the refrigerator freezer.
    Leopard Banana Cake
  • 15 Remove the slices after half an hour of refrigeration.~
    Leopard Banana Cake

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