Night snack

Lions Head with Core Change

The lions head is usually pure meat. Here, mysterious ingredients are added, which have both meat fragrance and nutrition, let alone more. When I was a child, my mother often did it, but now I do it by memory, fragrant but not greasy, absolutely eat.

Food Material List

  • 1 minced pork 42
  • 2 North tofu A block
  • 3 ginger A block
  • 4 Green Chinese onion A few
  • 5 Egg One
  • 6 five-spice powder Two spoons
  • 7 salt Two spoons
  • 8 Sichuan Pepper Ten
  • 9 Big batch Two valves
  • 10 Chinese cinnamon A block
  • 11 Fragrant leaf Two tablets
  • 12 Sugar Spoonful
  • 13 Cooking wine Spoonful
  • 14 soy sauce Two spoons
  • 15 Old soy sauce Spoonful
  • 16 starch Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Put ginger juice, scallions, cooking wine and coriander in the minced meat. Stir well.
    Lions Head with
  • 2 Knead the tofu and put it into the meat filling. Put salt and five spices into the meat filling. Put on the eggs. Put on disposable gloves and mix the tofu and meat filling evenly with your hands.
    Lions Head with
  • 3 Pour more oil into the pan and heat it. Knead the filling into five big balls. Put the filling into the pan over medium heat and fry until it is set. The surface color becomes darker and the filling is fished out.
  • 4 Add oil, scallion, ginger, pepper, spices, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, stir-fry the fragrance, put wine, soy sauce, sugar, water, so as not to pass the pills.
  • 5 Put in the pills, simmer for an hour, put the pills on a plate, and pour a small amount of soup into the water starch on the pills.

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