Liver-nourishing Decoction for Super-tonifying Qi and Blood!

“Do Nuning, there are always a few days a month…” The classic XX oral liquid advertisement begins. In other words, every month these days you are eating and drinking some magic horses? Are you serious? My grandmother is a magical old man. Since I went to elementary school, but all the little friends who came to my family. She will pull people, the focus of the language is long, Chun Chun teaches, “Girl, YJ come dont drink cold ah! Whats more, you cant eat ice! Its better not to wash your hair. Drinking hot is good for your health. At that time, the little friends were still young and confused. They crisply asked, “Grandma, what is YJ?” My grandmother was confused, and after half a day she responded and said, “Oh, you are still young and dont understand now. But dont drink cold if you have menstruation in the future. Whats more, you cant eat ice! Dont wash your hair. Drinking hot is good for your health. Do you remember? Small partners in the delicious “cold lotus root slices” (my familys famous dish), desperately nodded that must be remembered. Look, this is the “Chun Chun teaching” for all my little friends. It is conceivable that I, as the only grandson and relative of her old family, have not been mad by nagging! I was impatient at that time. In retrospect, I am particularly grateful for the many rules she has made for me, so that I am now on time for a period of 28 days, and six days later, it left on time. Reproductive system maintenance is too important for women, the state of the uterus determines the state of women. Your mood, hormones, cold hands and feet, infertility, and a series of gynecological diseases are all too important. Lets make a few long sentences here. Dont wear clothes that show waist and belly, skirts, comfortable trousers, cold food and high heels to relieve pelvic pressure during menstruation. Finally, a long-winded sentence: “Girl, dont drink cold when menstruation comes!” Whats more, you cant eat ice! Drinking hot is good for your health!”

Food Material List

  • 1 Xinjiang jujube 4 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Four Xinjiang jujubes, wash and reserve
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for
  • 2 Peeling and tearing of jujube
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for
  • 3 Boil in water and pour into a jujube basin.
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for
  • 4 Buckle a plate and cover it for 8 hours
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for
  • 5 Put it in the steamer
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for
  • 6 Steam in medium and small heat for 1 hour after steam feeding. Turn off the heat.
    Liver-nourishing Decoction for

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