Love@Tomato Eggs

Or my husbands favorite tomato scrambled eggs, which he tried several times and failed to cook. The result was tragic. He either lived or tasted hard and the tomatoes were not soft enough to cook this dish. He really didnt have any confidence. Last night, he somehow finished this love with nervousness, fear and expectation. Stone falling is not very good, but compared with the previous failed works, at least a lot of good looks, I will continue to work hard.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 2 pieces
  • 2 tomato 1
  • 3 Shallot Festival (Small Shallot) Appropriate amount
  • 4 lard 3 tablespoons

Operational steps

  • 1 Whisk the eggs with proper salt, then add proper amount of water, and whisk them well for reserve. (If you have water sauce or cold rice paste, its best to stir-fry the eggs tenderly.)
    Love@Tomato Eggs
  • 2 Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces 1 cm in size (chop them with a kitchen knife a few more times); (Make sure to choose ripe red and soft tomatoes here, so that there will be more juice.)
    Love@Tomato Eggs
  • 3 Pour lard into the pan, heat it up, scoop up a spoonful of lard in the pan with a spatula, turn off the fire and pour it into the egg liquid when smoking occurs, then pour the lard scooped out beforehand onto the unfried egg liquid, turn over and open the medium fire after smelling the fragrance, and quickly scatter the eggs with a spatula (please pay attention to using a small fire instead of frying paste). Stir-fry the tomatoes in medium heat for a while. Add 1 tbsp of water or soup, salt and onion to stir-fry and serve on a plate.
    Love@Tomato Eggs
  • 4 When the finished product arrives, put on a new dress for Ai@tomato eggs and wrap it.
    Love@Tomato Eggs

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