Loving pasta with Italian meat sauce

The girl practiced at home to learn how to cook western food. I laid hands on her.

Food Material List

  • 1 minced pork 110g
  • 2 Italian sauce 1 bag (250g)
  • 3 Tomatoes 180g
  • 4 Garlic powder 5g
  • 5 onion 170g
  • 6 Sugar Adding according to personal taste
  • 7 salt 3G

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare all the ingredients, chop onions and garlic, dice tomatoes, and prepare two balls (or not).
    Loving pasta with
  • 2 The frying pan is heated to oil, the garlic is stir-fried in the minced meat until the minced meat turns white (pay attention to the small fire, so that the minced meat can be stir-fried) and the onion is stir-fried in the minced onion until fragrant, then the tomato is stir-fried for 3 minutes, then the pasta sauce is added with sugar, salt and appropriate amount of water, and the small heat is boiled for a while, and the sauce is sticky, so the pot can come out.
    Loving pasta with
  • 3 While stir-frying sauce, another pot of boiling water and noodles can be boiled, because the time for cooking noodles is longer, and the noodles can also be boiled well in advance. When cooking noodles, add a little oil, noodles do not stick. The cooked noodles can be decorated with a small cooked broccoli and balls after a cool boiling water.
    Loving pasta with

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