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Hamburg is a kind of food with filling in round bread. It is made in a way similar to sandwiches and is now widely regarded as the representative of American fast food. But now more and more Americans have realized the harm of cheap hamburgers to their health. The biggest hidden danger is the quality of hamburger meat. Cheap hamburger meat uses the lowest grade beef, which contains a lot of fat, ground meat and so on. According to friends who have worked in several famous fast food restaurants in the world, their beef costs only a few cents a piece! Its only a few cents to synthesize Renminbi! Since then, I have never set foot in these fast food restaurants. I have stolen a few times from a normal restaurant. Now I can make delicious and safe hamburgers at home!

Food Material List

  • 1 beef
  • 2 Mushroom
  • 3 onion
  • 4 Cheese
  • 5 Olive oil
  • 6 Black pepper
  • 7 sea salt

Operational steps

  • 1 Ingredients: Hamburg meat, mushrooms, onions, cheese, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt from Sharon steak minced meat
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  • 2 Pour proper olive oil in a pan and fry hamburger meat over medium heat.
    Note: Time is adjusted according to the size and thickness of beef. A slice of beef here is about 180 G.
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  • 3 Fry 2 sides for 3 minutes, then stand up and fry side.
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  • 4 Meanwhile, stir-fry mushroom onions over high heat until golden brown on the surface, add a little sea salt, and season with black pepper.
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  • 5 The steak is almost ripe. Cover it with a layer of cheese. Turn off the fire and cover it. Soften the cheese with the remaining temperature.
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  • 6 Cut the fresh bread in half and cut it face down. Fry it slightly with the remaining olive oil in the pan.
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  • 7 First lay a layer of mushroom onion, add beef, and finally cover!
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  • 8 Enjoy with onion rings or chips.
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  • 9 A bite of cheese and milk with tender, juicy beef is the real delicious hamburger. Praise!
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  • 10 Ten
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  • 11 Eleven
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