I always like to eat, but I always dont feel relieved when I buy something outside. So do it yourself! Just forgot to take pictures!

Food Material List

  • 1 Big meat Half Jin

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the meat and chop it gently!
  • 2 Put it in a meat container, add ginger, egg, starch, flour, salt, thirteen fragrances, stir along one direction, stir evenly, set up a pot and pour in a proper amount of rapeseed oil (I always think rapeseed oil is good for cooking, personal hobbies, in fact, you can use other oils) oil to 70% heat, then you can use a small spoon to make the pills into the pot!
  • 3 Make sure you fry it with a small fire!
  • 4 After the frying, I usually fry it again. Its crisper and tastier.


Pay attention to buy meat and wash yourself to chop, rest assured, clean, delicious oh!

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