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Meimeis Smart Fire Microwave oven Microwave Baked Tofu

Its getting hotter and hotter in summer. I dont want to endure the steaming of the stove. I also want to make a delicious dish quickly. Thats it. ~Microwave baked tofu. In about ten minutes, the delicious baked tofu will be out of the oven.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Tofu (hard tofu, North tofu) 620g
  • 2 Chili pepper 40g
  • 3 Oyster Sauce Two scoops
  • 4 A sweet sauce made of fermented flour One scoop
  • 5 Soy sauce One scoop
  • 6 Old soy sauce Half spoon
  • 7 Cayenne pepper Two spoons
  • 8 Cumin noodles Three spoons
  • 9 Cooked white sesame Two spoons

Operational steps

  • 1 Spare parts
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 2 Rinse tofu and drain water. Cut into slices about millimeter thick. Cut green and red peppers into small grains (do not eat too hot to replace or omit).
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 3 Baking sauce, two small spoons of chili noodles, three small spoons of cumin noodles, two small spoons of cooked white sesame
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 4 Add one spoonful of raw soy sauce, half spoonful of old soy sauce, two spoonfuls of oil consumption, and one spoonful of sweet sauce.
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 5 Spread the tofu flat on the microwave container (flat plate). Scratch the tofu on the front and back with a fork or toothpick for a few strokes to taste.
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 6 Brush on the sauce you just mixed. Brush both sides.
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 7 Microwave high heat for five minutes, take out the turning over for another five minutes, then sprinkle green and red peppers on the plate.
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 8 finished product
    Meimeis Smart Fire
  • 9 finished product
    Meimeis Smart Fire

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