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Miao Decoction for Eliminating Eczema

The theme of this time is that the wildfire cant burn up the eczema again, when it comes to this eczema, lets talk about it from the ugliness of our family. My husband always had a small itch on the inside of his calf somehow last year, so I treated him as an ordinary skin problem and gave him some kind of dermatitis, but the result was not good. Its itchy and itchy. Finally, it was diagnosed as eczema!!! The doctor prescribed some medicine and smeared it again and again. It worked: OK. But it wont be long before it relapses. Now that we have a definite diagnosis, its easy to do. At least we can prescribe the right medicine. Eczema is called eczema or dampness sore in traditional Chinese medicine. The so-called poison refers to some heat poisons, which cause rejection and sensitivity to the body, and these heat poisons may be caused by food, drugs or daily necessities (such as paint, spices, camphor bulbs, etc.). As for dampness, it refers to the body function is damp blocked to dull. Because 70% of the body is water, or the movement of water is stagnant, the body will be in a wet state, symptoms are heavy limbs, edema, spleen and stomach discord, loose stool and so on. To sum up, there are many reasons for skin allergy, genetic constitution, allergy to certain foods, there are many factors combined, and even more reasons are not found out. However, allergy is the root cause of many skin problems, which can reduce the ability of skin protection and easily lead to inflammation, which can not be solved by drugs alone. In addition to finding allergens and treating symptoms, the use of dietary management to regulate physical fitness will complement each other. Red bean crucian carp soup detoxification, diuresis, blood clearance and purulence, reduce fatigue, can enhance skin defense, improve acne abscess, dark skin, reduce allergic probability. Husband has been taking it for half a month. There is no recurrence in this half month. The next course of treatment was taken every other day for half a month. For a total of one month, it is estimated that we should be able to control the recurrence of physical dampness and heat, so that eczema is not easy to be good or bad. Last time I saw a mother in the circle asking for advice on how to deal with her babys eczema. I didnt go back immediately when I answered the phone. Turning back to that page, I couldnt find the mothers address!! Alas, I hope she can see my article! This soup is also effective for babies.

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean 160g
  • 2 Crucian carp 1 article

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare food, wash beans, scrape scales, remove viscera and gills.

    Miao Decoction for
  • 2 Soak red beans for more than 3 hours (this can be done ahead of time)

    Miao Decoction for
  • 3 Washed fish wiped dry with paper towels inside and outside

    Miao Decoction for
  • 4 Washed fish wiped dry with paper towels inside and outside

    Miao Decoction for
  • 5 Shake the frying pan and add about 30g cooking oil. Fry the fish on both sides.

    Miao Decoction for
  • 6 Just golden.

    Miao Decoction for
  • 7 Pork red beans in a soup pot are boiled over 1500 ml clear water and turned to low heat for about 20-30 minutes.

    Miao Decoction for
  • 8 Cook crucian carp in red bean soup pot over low heat for 20-30 minutes.

    Miao Decoction for
  • 9 Season the beans with salt after they have flowered.

    Miao Decoction for


Xiaoans green health preservation:
1. Crucian carp can regulate the gastrointestinal tract, smooth blood vessels, digestive stagnation, and lighten the burden of intestine and stomach. The onset of skin allergy is often closely related to diet. People with a history of skin allergy must avoid eating high-fat, greasy, stimulating or heavy-flavored diet in peacetime, otherwise they are more likely to relapse.
2. Red bean dampness, sweet taste, sex level, can invigorate the spleen and dampness, disperse blood, detoxify. Fried with crucian carp.
3. Carassius auratus eggs, their bold sterol content is higher, high blood lipid, high cholesterol, it is recommended to remove the fish eggs do not eat.

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