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Milk Coffee Jelly – Jelly or Heart

During holidays or holidays, friends often come to their homes for a small gathering. Rather than going to a restaurant, we prefer the atmosphere at home, lying lazily on the sofa, chatting and recalling the green onion years we spent together, or relaxing and playing a harmless mahjong. Every time, I will prepare some tea for my friends by myself, while playing, chatting and side-by-side. Eating… being appreciated is also my greatest motivation. In addition to cakes, biscuits, egg tarts and so on, there is also this milk coffee jelly made by our own jelly, safe, healthy, colorless, additives and so on. The combination of coffee and milk is the preferred jelly for adults. This shiny, trembling, tender, cold milk coffee jelly, you heart? Let this refreshment soothe your stomach and intestines bombarded by the repeated fatigue of big fish and meat. See that little vanilla seed? Great love! I used agar instead of fish gum powder or gelatin tablets. First, it affected the taste of coffee for fear of fishy smell. Second, the nutritional value of agar: agar is extracted from seaweed, rich in dietary fiber, high protein content, low calorie, with detoxification, beauty, fire, sausage, blood pressure. Hypoglycemic and anti-cancer effects.

Food Material List

  • 1 milk 200g
  • 2 Homemade vanilla sugar 40g
  • 3 agar 6g
  • 4 cold water 50ml
  • 5 Boiling water 250ml
  • 6 Instant pure coffee 3 teaspoons

Operational steps

  • 1 All materials. The agar is soaked in 50 ml cold water and steamed in a cage for 15 minutes to make it completely open and stand by.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 2 Add home-made vanilla sugar (without sugar) to milk and cook to about 70-80 degrees. Stir in half or 2/3 of agar until agar melts completely.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 3 Strain milk, remove vanilla pods and undissolved agar
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 4 Pour it into a square container and let it cool for 2 hours until it solidifies completely. It becomes milk jelly.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 5 After making the milk jelly, dissolve the instant coffee in 250 ml boiling water, add 10 g sugar, stir the remaining agar (if it solidifies, it can be steamed and softened again) and add 1 teaspoon rum after drying.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 6 Pour 2/3 of the total amount of coffee into half of the container and refrigerate it.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 7 The prepared milk jelly is buckled and cut into cubes the size of sugar.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 8 When the coffee is about to set, add several pieces of milk jelly, then pour the remaining coffee into the cup separately.
    Milk Coffee Jelly
  • 9 After about 15 minutes of solidification, squeeze a little fresh butter flowers and mint leaves to decorate it.
    Milk Coffee Jelly


1. No homemade vanilla sugar can be used with ordinary sugar, I personally prefer to point vanilla seeds in milk jelly < br > 2. Whether milk jelly or coffee jelly must be filtered to remove unmelted agar and other impurities, this step is very important.
3. If its better to change rum into coffee liquor, we dont have it.
4. Make Coffee Jelly with less agar than make milk jelly, the best way to achieve this effect is to add hard milk jelly into soft coffee jelly, the taste will be better! (Unfortunately, what I did was a little bit stiff)

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