Western-style food

Milk Square (Pure Milk Edition)

The website saw a hot dessert, soft and sticky taste, to tell the truth, I dont like it very much, the whole family preferred it to Dad. The whole production process was simple, so I didnt get the step photos.

Food Material List

  • 1 milk 350g
  • 2 corn starch 38g
  • 3 cassava starch 8g
  • 4 Milk or sugar 40g

Operational steps

  • 1 Blend 100g milk and starch evenly and set aside
  • 2 Pour the remaining milk + (sugar or milk) into the pan, heat it over medium heat and stir it.
  • 3 When the milk is boiled, the milk starch mixture is stirred and quickly poured into the pot. Stir in the same direction until the liquid in the pan becomes viscous and solidifies into paste and turns off the fire.
  • 4 Pour it into the container. (Its better to lay fresh-keeping film in the container for easy removal)
  • 5 Refrigerator freeze and take out. (I just refrigerated for an hour) [Note, its refrigerated, not frozen]
  • 6 After cooling, cut into pieces and sprinkle coconut.
    Milk Square Pure

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