Northeast Cuisine

Milky Toast (Super Soft)

Milky toast, super soft, babies like to eat as breakfast, but also can make sandwiches.

Food Material List

  • 1 salt 2G
  • 2 yeast 5g
  • 3 Butter (added to flour) 20g
  • 4 Butter (brush) About 10g
  • 5 Eggs (medium size) 1
  • 6 milk 120g
  • 7 Powdered sugar 40g
  • 8 Golden Images High Gluten Flour 250g

Operational steps

  • 1 All materials
    Milky Toast Super
  • 2 Mix eggs, sugar powder and milk in a bowl and mix well. Add high-gluten flour and yeast and stir them into granules with chopsticks.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 3 The bread machine opens the kneading and dough function, then adds 20 grams of room temperature softening butter, then opens the fermentation function, my bread machine fermentation function is first and then fermentation.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 4 The second time and noodles in the middle of the suspension take out the dough to see, and good noodles, can pull out the film.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 5 After fermentation, the dough was taken out, exhausted, weighed on the electronic scale, then divided into three equal parts, kneaded into smooth dough, covered with wet cloth, and held for 15 minutes.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 6 Roll the dough into squares and roll it up.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 7 Place it flat on the bottom of the toast box.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 8 Put it in the oven, put a plate of water at the bottom, and ferment for the second time, about 40 minutes. Look, its about 8 cents full. Brush with a layer of liquid butter.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 9 Fire 150 degrees, the penultimate layer, put on the baking net, four or five centimeters. My oven was so fired that I only used 140 degrees. After baking, the mould is immediately produced and a thin layer of liquid butter is brushed around it.
    Milky Toast Super
  • 10 After cooling, slice, fragrant, soft toast will be ready! ______________
    Milky Toast Super

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