Mini Cherry Sugar Hulu

After eating cherries for so many years, its time to change the way you eat them. Look at this lovely string. Is there a sweet rush to my heart? ~

Food Material List

  • 1 Cherry Appropriate amount
  • 2 Crystal sugar A handful of
  • 3 Toothpick Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse and dry the cherries.
    Mini Cherry Sugar
  • 2 Use the tail of the toothpick to push the cherry seeds out (more troublesome), and wear three toothpicks in a bunch.
    Mini Cherry Sugar
  • 3 Boil syrup, the same amount of ice sugar and water in the pot, first boil the sugar in a big fire, then slowly boil the small fire until it sticks to syrup.
    Mini Cherry Sugar
  • 4 Put the cherry bunches into a well-dipped syrup, or scoop them up with a spoon and sprinkle them evenly. Quickly pick them up and put them in an oiled dish to cool them.
    Mini Cherry Sugar

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