Mix rice with hot cabbage

Summer comes, and there are always times when there is no appetite. Do not want to eat casually, do not eat casually and do not know what to eat. At this time, as long as a little spicy cabbage and radish, and then see what vegetables in the refrigerator, a good mix of hot pepper sauce, not only the more tasty, but also very convenient. Work time can also be used as a convenience for the next noon. Get the ingredients ready in the evening and take a few minutes to go into the water in the morning.

Food Material List

  • 1 Carrot 1
  • 2 Mushrooms 5-6 flower
  • 3 Ham
  • 4 Spicy cabbage
  • 5 Kimchi
  • 6 Spinach

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash carrots, mushrooms, spinach and other vegetables in reserve
    Mix rice with
  • 2 Shredded mushrooms and carrots, sliced ham. Cut the hot cabbage into sections and set aside.
    Lentinus edodes, carrots and ham are fried in sesame oil separately. Stir-fry with a little salt.
    Mix rice with
  • 3 Prepare rice, just steamed and overnight rice can be (overnight rice if you dont want to eat cold with a microwave oven heat), the ingredients evenly coded on the rice. A few spoons of chili sauce and a little ripe sesame. Mix well and eat. Dont forget to fry an egg on it.
    Mix rice with


I. Vegetables can be put as you like. Bean sprouts, onions, bean sprouts, kelp or whatever.
II. Lentinus edodes, carrots and ham can be fried with fragrant oil to make them more fragrant. If you are in a hurry or suspect of trouble, vegetables can also be cooked directly.
Ham can also be replaced with beef or pork.
IV. The Korean chili sauce we bought is very sticky. It may not mix well when we mix rice. At this time, you can dilute it with a little Sprite or fresh pear juice, which will taste better.

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