Mixed fungus braised cod head

Focusing on the bean and fruit web, we found that there are few recipes about cod head. Cod is a very nutritious ingredient, but the price is high. But the price of COD head is not the same. Its about ten to twenty yuan. So we can buy cod head as long as its cooked properly and retains nutrients, because it has a lot of gelatin and a lot of gelatin. Part of cods really delicious fish face meat. This soup base can also be used as a hot pot or small hot pot with tofu and other dishes. It tastes fresh.

Food Material List

  • 1 cod head 1
  • 2 Miscellaneous fungi (mushroom, chestnut mushroom, mushroom, yellow mushroom) 500g
  • 3 Chinese Cabbage 250g
  • 4 Soup 1 bowls

Operational steps

  • 1 Clean the COD head, remove the cheeks, teeth and blood debris, and split it in half with a machete.
  • 2 Use kitchen paper to absorb excess water from the fish head (I wrapped the fish head in paper and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours to ensure that the excess water evaporates from the fish head). Sprinkle the thin flour on the fish skin of the fish head.
  • 3 Pour a small amount of oil (olive oil, salad oil) into a non-stick pan, simmer onion, ginger, garlic, and diced pepper.
  • 4 Pan-fry fish head over medium heat (part of fish skin that has passed over flour facing down)
  • 5 At the same time, in another soup pot, add thick slices of Chinese cabbage and mushrooms, add hot soup to one third of the pot, turn small heat to cover the pot.
  • 6 Squeeze fresh lemon juice on the surface of the fish head cooked by the side of the frying pan until the alcohol evaporates completely, turn off the fire, put the fish head in the soup pan with fish face up, and then put the scallion and garlic juice of the frying fish in the soup pan.
  • 7 Add a little oyster oil and raw extract. Be careful not to agitate the fish head. Fish meat is easy to disperse. Use a large spoon to pour over the fish head and soup. Cover the small hotpot with a small lid for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and cook for a short time.
  • 8 Pot in a soup bowl and sprinkle with white pepper and shallot and coriander. Drop a few drops of sesame oil to enhance the taste.


Mushroom soup can be added freely according to personal taste. I use a mixture of vegetable soup and chicken soup. I dont recommend that broth or bone soup do not match cods taste

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