My broken wall advocates the health preservation of red bean and coix paste

Coix rice and red bean porridge has the effect of removing dampness, which can remove the dampness in the body and is a good product for removing dampness and invigorating the spleen. It also has the functions of nourishing hair, preventing hair loss, making hair smooth and soft, smoothing skin, reducing wrinkles and eliminating pigmented spots. Perhaps some people like me do not like the taste of Coix and red bean granules, so this time chose to use Jiuyang wall breaker to beat red beans, Coix and glutinous rice into delicate pulp, and then boiled into a smooth sweet paste, so as to better absorb the nutrition of various food materials and avoid wasting food because of taste dislike. Red bean and coix paste with strong fragrance. Lets have a cup warm in winter.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean 80g
  • 2 Job tears 50g
  • 3 Glutinous rice 30g
  • 4 water Appropriate amount
  • 5 Brown sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Red beans, Coix and glutinous rice are soaked one night ahead of schedule. The soaking time is more than 8 hours.
    My broken wall
  • 2 Pour the soaked red beans, coix, glutinous rice and their water into Jiuyang wall breaker and add water to 1000 ml.
    My broken wall
  • 3 Choose the soybean milk process of the wall breaker, after which the mixture has been beaten very delicately.
    My broken wall
  • 4 Mix the beaten rice paste into the pot and boil it over a medium or small fire. Know that the fragrance is overflowing and there is no taste of raw beans. Stir it constantly, because it is easy to paste with glutinous rice.
    My broken wall
  • 5 The cooked paste is delicate and smooth. Add brown sugar according to your preference and drink a bowl warmly. It is nutritious and delicious.
    My broken wall

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