Nourishing Womans Soup Yellow Flower Gelatin Sound Snail Flower Stewed Black Chicken Soup

Flower gum, black chicken and red jujube can be known as Dabu womens soup by looking at the materials. The name of the soup is Raokou, short for “Flower gum stewed black chicken soup”

Food Material List

  • 1 Xiaohuanghua gum 5 article
  • 2 Rattlesnail disc Two small pieces
  • 3 Cordyceps flower Appropriate amount
  • 4 scallop Appropriate amount
  • 5 Black chicken Half a
  • 6 Red dates 5 grains
  • 7 Ginger slices 4 tablets
  • 8 salt Half spoon

Operational steps

  • 1 It needs to soak for at least 4 hours. It needs to be soaked and stewed with ginger slices for fear of fishiness. I soak from 8 am to 12 noon.
    Nourishing Womans Soup
  • 2 Flower gum bubbles open, put black chicken mat bottom, because the gum will dissolve in the soup, afraid of sticking to the bottom, and then put on the top of the gum and sound snail pieces, cordyceps, Yao Zhu, the core of the jujube, add water without materials, put in the rice cooker water-proof stew, choose to cook soup function, adjust to 4 hours.
    Nourishing Womans Soup
  • 3 Stewed at 12 oclock till 4 oclock in the afternoon, you can drink it after work. The flower gum has lost a circle, and its all in the soup. Its rich in bone gum. Its Dabus womens soup.
    Nourishing Womans Soup
  • 4 The black chicken is soft, too.
    Nourishing Womans Soup
  • 5 Add a lot of Yao Zhu, its salty enough. If you feel light, add a little salt and you can eat it.
    Nourishing Womans Soup

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