Novelty Orange Drink

Food Material List

  • 1 Novelty Orange 2
  • 2 Peach beverage 1/2 measuring cup
  • 3 Fresh mint leaves 1 branches
  • 4 Ice block 10 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and cut the oranges in half. Press the juice and pour it into the cup.
    Novelty Orange Drink
  • 2 Take one or two mint leaves and rub them with your hands to make them smell and put them in orange juice.
    Novelty Orange Drink
  • 3 Take some ice cubes and put them in a cup.
    Novelty Orange Drink
  • 4 Finally, add the peach drink until the glass is seven cents full.
    Novelty Orange Drink


Features: This is a non-alcoholic cocktail, with a delightful sweet and fruity flavor
This drink is simple to make and very healthy. I cant wait to go home and have done it, just because there are no mint leaves at home, I omitted the mint. Besides, the weather hasnt been very hot recently, so I didnt put ice cubes. I just squeezed orange juice and added peach drinks. Although the fragrance of mint is less, the sales are much different, but its also very delicious and healthy. I imitate the method of making a simple version. In my blog, I use the fruit beverage made in spring to protect my family – Novelty Orange Peach Drink and Mango Milk Shake. Interested friends can take a look at it and have a look at DIY at home.

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