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Olive Oil Vegetable Salad

This summer I often mix vegetables with olive oil, which is simple and delicious. Many people think that olive oil has a special fragrance. To be honest, when I started to eat olive oil, I also felt this kind of feeling. I was not used to it, but I not only got used to it, but also fell in love with it for a while.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pressed olive oil Two teaspoons
  • 2 balsamic vinegar A teaspoon
  • 3 Black pepper Appropriate amount
  • 4 salt A small spoon

Operational steps

  • 1 In a small bowl, pour two teaspoons of virgin olive oil.
    Olive Oil Vegetable
  • 2 Pour in another teaspoon of black vinegar. If you like, you can also increase the amount of black vinegar.
    Olive Oil Vegetable
  • 3 Grind in the right amount of black pepper and salt.
    Olive Oil Vegetable
  • 4 Pour the salad juice directly into the washed vegetables.
    Olive Oil Vegetable


* This salad juice is prepared with virgin olive oil.

* Black vinegar is a common ingredient for Western food which can be purchased in foreign trade shops.

* This salad noodle vegetable can be changed according to your own needs. As long as it is fresh, it will be delicious and nutritious with beautiful colors. The more colors you eat every day, the better. < br > < br >

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