Osmanthus fragrans peculiar walnut kernels

This walnut has been doing, but also lazy to post, a few days ago saw other peoples posts, so heartbeat, but I suggest you hang frost with white sugar, because walnuts are easy to fire, and ice sugar has the role of nourishing yin, just made up for the shortcomings of walnuts on fire.

Food Material List

  • 1 Walnut 500g
  • 2 Crystal sugar 250g
  • 3 Sweet-scented osmanthus 8g
  • 4 sesame 3G
  • 5 water 500g
  • 6 Salt and pepper powder 3G
  • 7 five-spice powder 3G
  • 8 Cumin powder 2G
  • 9 Black pepper 2G
  • 10 Curry powder 3G
  • 11 salt 8g

Operational steps

  • 1 First, wash the walnuts and put them on the oven plate.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 2 Then I put the walnuts in the oven. The oven is not preheated. I put them in directly. The temperature is 120, 20 minutes. I have to keep looking through them to avoid pasting.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 3 Take out walnuts and cool them
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 4 Then, prepare all the materials, add water to the pot, add sugar and salt, water can actually submerge sugar, otherwise it will be very painful to boil.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 5 Then mix all the powder evenly.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 6 Look at the water in the pot from big bubbles to small bubbles, and the syrup is thick.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 7 Immediately add walnuts, sesame and osmanthus flowers into the mix, remember that powder is the last sprinkler, sprinkle it over and over again, never sprinkle it all at once.
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar
  • 8 Entrance after cooling
    Osmanthus fragrans peculiar

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