Osmanthus pudding

Food Material List

  • 1 Glutinous rice flour 150g
  • 2 warm water 200g
  • 3 wheat starch 75g
  • 4 Salad oil 40g
  • 5 granulated sugar 80g

Operational steps

  • 1 Add 80 g Sugar to 200 g warm water and stir until melted.
    Osmanthus pudding
  • 2 Add 150 g glutinous rice flour and 75 g clarified powder, mix well until no granules are found.
    Osmanthus pudding
  • 3 Add 40 g salad oil and mix well until water and oil are mixed.
    Osmanthus pudding
  • 4 Brush salad oil on the inner wall of the container.
    Osmanthus pudding
  • 5 Pour the batter in and let stand for 40 minutes.
    Osmanthus pudding
  • 6 Cool water into the pot and steam for 30 minutes after boiling. Steam well, strip,
    after cooling, dip knife in water and cut into pieces, sprinkle dried osmanthus, and pour honey water on it.
    Osmanthus pudding


1. Step 2 and 3, be sure to mix evenly, after adding salad oil, stir until no salad oil particles can be seen.
2. Containers must be brushed with oil, otherwise they can not be steamed out. When demoulding, you can dip a knife in cold boiling water and draw a circle along the edge of the mould and then buckle it.
3. Its easier to slice when its cold. When slicing, the knife should be dipped in cold boiling water. Wash and dip in cold boiling water every time before cutting, otherwise the knife will stick.

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