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Pack rice with eggs

Summer is really a season without appetite. Think of tomato sauce appetizer, and then think of the high-frequency appearances in Ssangyong before, and then start (???) but did not go to buy materials, so directly use the existing refrigerator, rice can also add a variety of onions, carrots, corn, peas and so on, to see their preferences.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 2 only
  • 2 milk 20ml
  • 3 Steamed Rice Bowl
  • 4 Ketchup
  • 5 Ham
  • 6 Black pepper

Operational steps

  • 1 Material family photo. Ham is cut into two slices and diced. Cheese is a personal hobby. It is cut into small squares. Of course, you can replace these ingredients with diced vegetables. Fried rice can be fried any way you like.
    Pack rice with
  • 2 When the oil is crackling, add the ham, stir-fry the fragrance, add the cheese slices, stir-fry well, and put the rice. Finally, add the tomato paste and color it well. Flourish.
    Pack rice with
  • 3 Add milk to eggs and season with salt. Here black pepper is an aroma-enhancing effect, the main personal preference of po. When beating eggs, the tip of chopsticks should be embedded in the egg juice. Do not beat too hard and evenly.
    Pack rice with
  • 4 Egg skin is spread in a flat-bottomed non-stick pan. Stir the egg liquid with chopsticks until it is slightly shaped, and put more oil in a proper amount. Remove concave shape when no more bubbles are added. Completion?(???????)?
    Pack rice with

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