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PE8990SUG Bakery Making Jam–Apple Hawthorn Jam

They like to use their own healthy jam to spread bread, or mix homemade sugar-free yogurt. Its hard to make jam by the stove and stir-fry it constantly. However, since the Baicui PE8990SUG bread machine, making jam is a very easy and simple thing, just peel the fruit, chop (or mix the mud), and then put it into the bread machine with sugar, choose the “fancy jam” function of the bread machine, you can safely do your own thing, boil fruit. The sauce will be handed over to the bread maker.

Food Material List

  • 1 Hawthorn 500g
  • 2 Apple 1
  • 3 Sugar 150g

Operational steps

  • 1 Preparing materials;
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 2 Apple peeled, nucleated, cut into small pieces, soaked in dilute salt water to prevent oxidation and blackening; Hawthorn cleaned, half-cut, with a knife tip to pick away the useless part of the core and bottom, cut into small pieces;
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 3 Remove the apple pieces and put them in the blender. Put half of the Hawthorn in the blender. (Half of the hawthorn is left untouched because I like jam that tastes good. If not, I pour it all into a blender to stir it.)
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 4 Turn the blender on for more than ten seconds and beat the pulp into mud. (If there is too little water to turn the machine, add 2 tablespoons of cold boiled water.)
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 5 Pour the remaining unboiled hawthorns into the bread machine.
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 6 Pour in the mashed fruit; add sugar;
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 7 Select the menu “15” fancy jam, the system is scheduled for 1 hour and 20 minutes; to avoid dirty bread machine, you can cover it with a tin paper, and then cover it, so that the bread machine can complete;
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 8 In the remaining 25 minutes, add 1 tablespoon of cold boiling water to starch, mix it into starch, and pour < br /> into jam.
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making
  • 9 The jam has boiled well and is very sticky. The jam is put into the sterilized glass bottle boiled in the water ahead of time. The jam is cooled upside down and stored in the refrigerator for refrigeration.
    PE8990SUG Bakery Making


1. Choose to dice or mix the fruit into mud according to your preference; < br > 2. When the jam is about the same, you can try the taste. If it is not sweet enough, you can add some sugar appropriately.

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