Peanut and Peach Crispy

This recipe for butter and butter is the most cakes I have ever made in the past year. Yesterday it tasted like peanut. Its easy to operate and tastes very crisp. It can also be exchanged for other favorite kernels. Send a prescription to relatives in need for reference!

Food Material List

  • 1 Low-gluten flour 260g
  • 2 Corn oil 80g
  • 3 Berry sugar 70g
  • 4 Grilled peanut powder 60g
  • 5 Pale oil 50g
  • 6 Whole egg juice 40g
  • 7 Baking powder 1g
  • 8 Baking soda 1g
  • 9 Refined salt 1g

Operational steps

  • 1 Take an egg bowl and put 80g corn oil on the electronic scale.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 2 Add 70 g fine sugar and 1 g salt.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 3 Whip the eggs evenly. Pour in 40 g egg liquid and continue to whisk until discolored.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 4 Add 50 grams of light cream and whisk well.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 5 Add 60g peanut powder and stir well.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 6 Mix the dough with your hands or a scraper. Dont rub the dough too much.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 7 Divide the dough into 16 grams and put it in the baking pan with the palm of your hand. Press it with 50 grams of moon cake mould.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 8 The lower end of the cake mould is fixed with the left hand, and the right hand is pressed hard and pushed out gently to form.
    Peanut and Peach
  • 9 The oven is preheated for 10 minutes and then baked at 160 degrees for 25 minutes or so. The oven is discharged after five minutes with less firepower and better colour. (Specific time and temperature are adjusted according to your oven)
    Peanut and Peach

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