Western-style food

Peanut Rolled Sugar

Food Material List

  • 1 Spun sugar 1 packs
  • 2 Salt-free roasted peanut rice Some
  • 3 Powdered Milk Some
  • 4 (Quantity can increase or decrease with your favorite taste.)

Operational steps

  • 1 The peanuts are packed in a fresh-keeping bag and crushed with a rolling pin.
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 2 The marshmallows are placed in glass containers and microwave ovens for a minute (marshmallows are basically melted and lifted by a spoon in a wire drawing state).
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 3 Pour in milk powder while its hot
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 4 And peanut shredding
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 5 Stir well < br /> (If the action is not fast enough and the cotton candy hardens again, it can be put into the microwave oven for another 15-20 seconds, take it out and continue stirring)
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 6 Prepare a fresh-keeping film in advance and spread it on the table. Put the stirred sugar balls on the fresh-keeping film and wrap them in a square shape.
    Peanut Rolled Sugar
  • 7 Refrigerate for more than 3 hours after cooling
  • 8 Sprinkle some milk powder on the board, remove the sugar from the refrigerator and cut into the desired shape.
    Peanut Rolled Sugar


1. If you dont like too sweet as I do, you should choose sugar-free milk powder, because the cotton candy bought in the United States is really sweet.

2. At any time before wrapping the fresh-keeping film, as long as the sugar dough is too hard to operate, it can be heated slightly in the microwave oven to make it melt more, but we must pay attention to the heating time, carefully stare, otherwise it is easy to paste.

3. If you like soft nougat, you can store it directly at room temperature after it is done. But I prefer hard ones. When it is done, you can put them in the refrigerator in Sandwichbag and refrigerate them as you like.

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