Peoples commune meals

Food Material List

  • 1 Taiwanese Meatballs 4 only
  • 2 North tofu 1 pieces
  • 3 Egg 3 only
  • 4 Ginger and onion
  • 5 Star anise 1

Operational steps

  • 1 Pork is fat and lean separately, and the lean parts are chopped to pieces relatively (dont chop into mud, the taste will be bad!) The fat part is carefully cut into pomegranate grains, then the lean meat is mixed together and slightly chopped.
  • 2 In the former method (1), water is added separately, an egg and a small amount of starch are added in one direction to stir the meat filling vigorously, salt, chicken essence and pepper are added to season, and ginger, onion and sesame oil are added to mix evenly.
    Peoples commune meals
  • 3 Put oil in the pot, take a proper amount of meat stuffing and beat it back and forth with both hands. First, make the meat round solid, second, make it shape. When the oil is 70% hot, go into the meat round, fry it until the surface turns yellow and take it out. Repeat the above action until the meat stuffing is used up.
    Peoples commune meals
  • 4 Heat the oil in the pan. When it is 30% hot, put the whole tofu in the medium heat and fry it yellow on all sides.
  • 5 Cook eggs and shell them in cool water.
    Peoples commune meals
  • 6 Heat oil in the pot, add ginger slices, simmer, pour soy sauce, water, and change into < br /> hot oil in the casserole. Put ginger slices into the casserole, simmer the aroma, pour into soy sauce, add water, change into the casserole < br /> put meat balls, eggs, tofu (whole piece) into the casserole, add onion knots, anise, sugar and spicy wine. After the fire is boiled, simmer for 1 hour
    Peoples commune meals
  • 7 Add chicken essence and turn off the fire after boiling.

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