Pepper Salt River Shrimp

In summer, our exposure to cold foods is much greater than in other seasons. In addition to drinking cold drinks and eating ice sticks, people often eat watermelon, cucumber, balsam pear, winter melon, towel gourd, eggplant, radish and other fruits and vegetables, are cold food. This also makes us pay attention to proper spicy food in summer. Because hot is in addition to balancing the cold and heat, eating less hot pepper in summer can also appetize and help digestion. Chili pepper is spicy and stimulating. No matter what kind of dish is served with chili pepper, it tastes very fragrant. In the folk, pepper is also known as “appetizer” and “next meal”. After summer, rice porridge is also a staple food with high frequency in my family, so it is also essential to match porridge with home dishes. Today, this kind of spicy pepper salted river shrimp is a gift of porridge delicacies, slightly spicy with pepper and salt taste appetizing and tasty oh.

Food Material List

  • 1 Shrimp 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare coriander, River shrimp, pepper.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 2 Add oil to the hot pot and wash the shrimp.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 3 Deep-fried shrimp until crisp.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 4 Add proper amount of salt and pepper to taste, then drain oil from the pot.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 5 The pot sits back on the stove, leaves a small amount of oil, and changes the chili into a knife.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 6 Stir-fry until the chili pepper smells fragrant, then return the fried shrimp to the pot. Shake the pan until both ingredients are uniformly flavored.
    Pepper Salt River
  • 7 Finally, we can enjoy this chilli salted shrimp with coriander, vinegar and soy sauce.
    Pepper Salt River


When frying River shrimp, we should pay attention to the control of fire. When frying river shrimp in different sizes, it can be even heated and crisp.

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