Beijing cuisine

Pirated Yoshino Beef Rice

So every day at dinner, he rewarded himself and ate all over the major catering chains in Beijing. Ha ha ha… My favorite dishes are fish-flavored rice from Hegu and Yoshino beef rice from Japan. One day, it rained heavily at noon. Kind Guo also invited all of us to eat takeaway Yoshino. So as soon as I make this Yoshino beef meal today, I think of the tense and happy days when I was practicing for the peoples livelihood. I miss another beautiful sister in Beijing…. Ha ha ha

Food Material List

  • 1 onion One
  • 2 Beef slices some
  • 3 Egg
  • 4 Steamed Rice
  • 5 soy sauce
  • 6 salt
  • 7 Chicken essence
  • 8 White pepper
  • 9 Alcohol Few
  • 10 water
  • 11 oil
  • 12 Sugar 3 spoons

Operational steps

  • 1 The ingredients are too simple, just an onion and some beef slices. Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore that egg… It was meant to cover a rotten egg on rice. Finally forgotten
    Pirated Yoshino Beef
  • 2 Use soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, white pepper, a little wine, plus some water, make a little juice. < br /> If you like to eat juicy rice mix, you can add more water. When Yoshino eats, always remind the waiter to add more juice ~~ rice mix is too delicious… __________. Hahaha~~~~
    Pirated Yoshino Beef
  • 3 Heat oil in a hot pan, add 3 teaspoons sugar, stir-fry into red sugar.
    Pirated Yoshino Beef
  • 4 Scrambled white sugar, quickly poured into the just-mixed juice, boiled, and then stir-fried onion shreds.
    Pirated Yoshino Beef
  • 5 After the onion is fried soft, the beef slices are put into the pot one by one, and the discoloration can be filled with ~~very tender ~~haha ~~~haha ~~~baa ~~remember ~~watering more juice!!! Hahaha~~~~
    Pirated Yoshino Beef

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