Northeast Cuisine

Pizza sauce

Pizza sauce is indispensable for making pizza and pasta.

Food Material List

  • 1 Tomatoes 600g
  • 2 onion 100g
  • 3 garlic 4 valves
  • 4 Butter (there is no substitute for corn oil and olive oil) 25g
  • 5 sugar 15ml
  • 6 Black pepper 5ml
  • 7 Oregano 5ml
  • 8 Sweet basil 2.5ml
  • 9 salt 6g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the tomatoes, cross them with a knife, scald them with boiling water and peel them off. Cut into small pieces and set aside.
    Pizza sauce
  • 2 Wash onions and cut them into small pieces. Pat the garlic flat and cut it into small pieces.
    Pizza sauce
  • 3 Heat the pan, add butter, heat the oil, add garlic, stir-fry onion, stir-fry for about a minute.
    Pizza sauce
  • 4 Stir-fry the tomatoes in a pot until the juice is out. Add two tablespoons of ketchup. Stir-fry, stir well, add sugar, black pepper, basil, oregano leaves. Stir-fry. Stir-fry until the juice is about to dry, add salt and continue to stir. When stir-frying is sticky, turn off the fire and reserve it.
    Pizza sauce


1. After cooling out of the pot, the amount of these sauces can be done several times pizza, do not need to put in a sealed box in time to refrigerate, try to eat within a week.
2. Tomatoes and onions should be sliced as thin as possible to make them more juicy and tasty when boiled.
3. Cook slowly over low heat.

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