Plum juice spareribs

This is still many years ago, when renting a house, a favorite restaurants signature dish, like very much, a dish records a lot of happy memories, and later there was demolished, never eat that taste of plum juice ribs. A few days ago, I bought a bottle of sauce on Taobao by accident. I wanted to try it on my own. I didnt think it was really burned by this brand.

Food Material List

  • 1 Spareribs
  • 2 Plum sauce

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove blood and water from spareribs, boil them in boiling water, then use salt, ginger and onion for half an hour, wrap starch in the frying pan, fry them out, and then fry them into the frying pan until golden yellow, then remove the oil.
  • 2 Two spoons of sauce, mixing with boiling water, boiling in a non-stick pot to make juice (without oil), spoon sugar, which can be made by oneself. Pour the spareribs down, stir-fry, wrap in sauce, and sprinkle with white sesame.
    Plum juice spareribs

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