Plum tomato

The tomato knight had a lover, the legendary sugar princess. The princess was proud and always stood in a high castle with a snow-white dress and looked up to her subjects. At this time, the tomato knight is standing beside the city wall, just like one of the many men who insist silently and snoop on it. Love the sugar Princess deeply, for the princess can give everything, as long as the princess can be happy and safe, of course, the most perfect is that the princess fell in love with themselves, and their happy life. The Knight did not know that there was a girl who loved him as much as he loved the princess. Thats Miss Huamei. Miss Huamei was born in a humble family, but she was beautiful and kind. She has a Nightingale voice, singing happily every day, bringing joy to the people in need. Miss Huamei is very optimistic. No matter what happens, she can solve it with a smile. Once, a Duke mounted his horse on his neighbors grandmother, whose legs could not move. When the tomato Knight saw her, he rescued her and took her to see a doctor. He often came to see her until her grandmother recovered. The knights action deeply touched Miss Homme. In such a turbulent age, who would waste their time to help an unrelated person? The knight is not only brave, but also so loving. ~Miss Huamei secretly sewed a wedding dress full of tomatoes. She thought that if she married a tomato knight, she would wear the wedding dress to prove how much she loved the man. ~Finally, one day, the tomato Knight finally discovered Miss Huameis love for him. From then on… Live a happy life…

Food Material List

  • 1 tomato 1
  • 2 Preserved plum More than 10

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut tomatoes, chop plums dry, sprinkle on tomatoes. Tomatoes are cool. Refrigerate them.
    Plum tomato

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