Poached chicken with walnut sauce

Speaking of walnuts, there are still some small memories in it. Before the exam in my childhood, I always ate some walnuts to supplement my brain. At that time, my family was not rich, and eating walnuts was always considered a luxury, especially pecans, which was not cheap. When I was a kid, I once ate some walnuts before the big card. I did well in the exam. It was funny to think that it was because I ate walnuts. In fact, eating walnuts really helps my brain. Of course, it has nothing to do with the exam. Small walnuts not only can nourish the brain and beauty, but also can reduce the bodys cholesterol and protect the cardiovascular system. Walnut kernels are rich in nutrients. They are not only ideal nourishment products, but also “health friends” for recuperation and health. Walnut has been called “longevity fruit” in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. Modern nutritional studies believe that walnut contains 63% linoleic acid, 16.4% linolenic acid, abundant protein, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins, and contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which can strengthen cerebrovascular elasticity and elasticity. Promote the vitality of nerve cells and improve the physiological function of the brain. Todays side dish, based on the sauce and fried chicken, has been slightly modified. Its delicious.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken breast 200g
  • 2 California walnut 20g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and dice chicken breast meat, add a little salt and cooking wine, grab and marinate for 15 minutes.
    Poached chicken with
  • 2 Oil pan, add a little oil, stir-fry diced chicken till 7 minutes, set aside.
    Poached chicken with
  • 3 Cut the peppers into small pieces and break the walnuts into small pieces.
    Poached chicken with
  • 4 Add some oil to the frying pan. First, fry the walnuts, then put the excess oil in the frying pan and add the red pepper to fry.
    Poached chicken with
  • 5 Pour in diced chicken, add 10 ml of sauce, stir-fry quickly over high heat
    Poached chicken with
  • 6 Stir-fry with appropriate amount of water and starch, cut in scallions, and finish.
    Poached chicken with

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