staple food

Pork braised in brown sauce

Food Material List

  • 1 Streaky pork A Jin
  • 2 Spring onion
  • 3 ginger
  • 4 Garlic
  • 5 Fragrant leaf a slice
  • 6 Big batch One
  • 7 Chinese cinnamon One
  • 8 Crystal sugar Appropriate amount
  • 9 Oyster sauce Appropriate amount
  • 10 Soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 11 Old soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 12 Yellow Wine Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut onions, garlic, ginger
    Pork braised in
  • 2 Cut pork into small pieces, pour rice wine and salted for a while.
    Pork braised in
  • 3 Put oil in the pan, heat off the oil and put more than half of the sugar in the small fire, stir-fry the pork, add scallion, ginger slices, garlic, stir-fry, add old sauce, raw sauce, oyster oil, a little salt, stir-fry for a while.
    Pork braised in
  • 4 Then put the water over the pork, enlarged ingredients, cinnamon, the remaining ice sugar, fragrant leaves and fire, turn the small fire to slow stew.
    Pork braised in
  • 5 Stew until juice is low and serve in a pan.
    Pork braised in

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