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Pork stewed noodles with pumpkin

The light in my kitchen is too dim and the photos are not very good. This dish was made entirely by his father. Im good at it. Donggua pork stew noodle is a common dish of northerners. I loved it since I was a child.

Food Material List

  • 1 Oriental Melon 3000g
  • 2 Pork 1000g
  • 3 Vermicelli 250g
  • 4 Green Chinese onion 2 pieces
  • 5 Star anise 1
  • 6 Sichuan Pepper Few
  • 7 A sweet sauce made of fermented flour Appropriate amount
  • 8 Salt, chicken essence, soy sauce Each appropriate amount
  • 9 Ginger Paste Appropriate amount
  • 10 Coriander Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Slice pork
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 2 After peeling the pumpkin, cut it into slices, thin and thick, but dont cut it too thin.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 3 Hot oil in frying pan
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 4 After the oil is heated, add anise and ginger slices, then stir-fry pork slices, add a little soy sauce, and continue stirring with chicken essence salt.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 5 Put the fried meat aside with a spatula, pour the sweet sauce into the fried meat, and then stir-fry with the meat until it is colored.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 6 Pour the pumpkin into the pot and stir-fry the meat evenly.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 7 Put in the noodles, pour in the clear water, control the water by yourself, press the noodles on the bottom, stew for 10 minutes after the pan is filled with air, and the noodles will be cooked.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 8 Loading plate, tastes good.
    Pork stewed noodles
  • 9 Its totally the work of Kids dad.
    Pork stewed noodles

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