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Porphyra Cuttlefish ball noodles

The authentic Chaoshan cuttlefish balls with full flavor, white skin, full granules and fresh teeth are the “white and rich beauty” in the balls. Cool laver gentleman, let this bowl of “laver Cuttlefish ball ramen” from visual to taste, will make you remember.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chaoshan cuttlefish balls
  • 2 Laver
  • 3 Fresh noodles 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 Choose authentic Chaoshan cuttlefish balls, delicious bullet teeth, full granules
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball
  • 2 A little laver
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball
  • 3 Oil in a hot pan and stir-fry ginger slices.
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball
  • 4 Add a bowl of water
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball
  • 5 After boiling water, add fish balls and noodles, add Shi Yunsheng chicken soup and a little salt. When the noodles are ready to cook, add seaweed and turn off the heat when boiling.
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball
  • 6 After filling the bowl, sprinkle a little Chaoshan garlic pastry. Delicious taste, a bowl of bottom, not even soup left
    Porphyra Cuttlefish ball

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