Portuguese Egg Tart + Thousand Layer Crisp

Share my blog from Sina [email protected] Piang Bear: http: in winter, I always like to do some sweet and warm things: go shopping, shuttle in the shopping mall with bright lights and festive atmosphere; go to dinner, no matter how cold it is outside, the table you sit around will always be fragrant, warm and comfortable; To bake, heart and soul

Food Material List

  • 1 Low gluten powder 118g
  • 2 High gluten powder 15g
  • 3 Unsalted Butter 100g
  • 4 Fine white sugar 42.5g
  • 5 salt 1g
  • 6 pure water 60g (about)
  • 7 egg-yolk yellow 2
  • 8 whipping cream 100g
  • 9 Pure milk 70g

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the raw materials for making egg tart skin: 1. Low gluten powder 110g + high gluten powder 15g < br /> 2, salt-free butter 20g (melt into liquid) + salt-free butter 80g (slice) = 100g < br /> 3, spongy sugar 2.5G + salt 1g < br /> 4, pure water 60g (about)
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 2 Mix two kinds of flour, salt, sugar and liquid butter, slowly add pure water and knead into dough.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 3 After kneading the dough, flatten it a little, wrap it in a fresh-keeping film and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to relax it.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 4 During the refrigeration of dough, we prepare egg tart water,
    raw materials: egg yolk 2 broken
    soft sugar 40g < br/> animal light cream 100g < br/> pure milk 70g < br/> low gluten flour 7-8g
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 5 Pour the above ingredients into a bowl and stir evenly (the sugar melts completely and the flour is not caked).
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 6 Then we will deal with the sliced butter just mentioned, prepare a fresh-keeping bag < br /> and spread the butter in the bag as flat as possible.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 7 Press the rectangular cake with a rolling pin. The thickness is about 2-3 mm.
    Press it well and put it in the refrigerator until it hardens.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 8 Remove loosely refrigerated dough
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 9 1. Roll the dough into a rectangular shape (about 2-3 times the length of the butter cake)
    2, place the frozen butter cake in the middle
    3, fold it in right and left
    4, re-roll the rectangular bread with butter (about 2 mm thick)
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 10 Roll it up like this~
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 11 Cut into small pieces 1 cm thick
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 12 You can see layers of feeling, butter and bread are intertwined.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 13 As shown below, the small dough is dipped in flour and pressed along the egg tart moulds with your hands.
    Note: Thin and even, especially at the bottom, must be thin, or there will be water or not crisp when baked.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 14 Ah, oh, a little bit too much. Ha-ha. Come on, guys.~
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 15 When the tart skin is ready, it needs to relax for 20 minutes. It can be placed in a low temperature place or refrigerated.
    This can avoid retraction when baking for a while and prevent the overflow of tart water. < br /> then pour in egg tart water, about 70%, do not be too full.
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 16 Preheat oven at 220 degrees for 5 minutes and bake at 220 degrees for 20 minutes (first 15 minutes in the middle, then 5 minutes in the top).
    Portuguese Egg Tart
  • 17 Take out the fragrant drip and start it! Would you like to try < br />?
    Portuguese Egg Tart


Note: Thin and even, especially at the bottom, must be thin, or bake out will have water, not crisp.

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