Potato silk

This is my aunts family visit relatives, my aunt copied potato shreds for me, especially delicious. So, I want my aunt to teach me well! Now, let me share this dish with you.

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato 250g
  • 2 Sichuan Pepper 5g
  • 3 Red pepper 2
  • 4 butter 20ml
  • 5 monosodium glutamate 5g
  • 6 Spicy and spicy 10g
  • 7 salt 6g
  • 8 Vinegar 5ml
  • 9 Chopped green onion 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 (1) Cut the potatoes into shreds, cut the chillies into slices of about one centimeter, cut the scallions into slices,
    2. Small hot pot, put in oil, etc. It takes about 30 seconds to put onions, chillies and peppers into the process of
    etc. The scallions are fried yellow, and then put in the potatoes
    4, stir-fry in medium heat until two minutes. After one minute, add salt < br /> _and stir-fry in medium heat until one minute. Add 100ml mineral water < br /> _and stir-fry in medium heat for one minute, then cover the pot and simmer for one minute. Open the lid of the pot after < br /> one minute, and the shredded potatoes will be about seven minutes ripe < br /> _Add all the remaining ingredients except vinegar. Stir-fry over medium heat until about a minute < br /> Finally add vinegar, stir for about 30 seconds, and then come out of the pot.

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