Cold Dishes

Private room

Food Material List

  • 1 Dragon whiskers noodles Appropriate amount
  • 2 tomato 1
  • 3 Chopped green onion Appropriate amount
  • 4 Fish ball 2
  • 5 Ham slices 2 tablets
  • 6 Remember back in that day Appropriate amount
  • 7 Egg 1
  • 8 salt Appropriate amount
  • 9 sugar Appropriate amount
  • 10 Vinegar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut scallions into scallions, boil tomatoes with hot water, peel and dice them, boil fish balls with hot water, cut them into small pieces, slice ham, wash vegetables, and beat eggs.
  • 2 Pot oil, not too much, scallion fragrance after fishing out not, tomatoes down to fry juice, fry when you can use the shovel press chop, even into juice, put in water, water is almost their full bowl of full year, because volatilization, wait for the next time out of the pot is not much.
  • 3 When tomato soup starts to foam, eggs can be laid, and chopsticks are used to mix it evenly. Ha-ha, eggshell soup is like that, so the soup is also nutritious.
  • 4 Add fish balls, ham, Longxu noodles, salt, sugar and vinegar before the noodles are ready. These can be adjusted according to personal taste. Finally, add cabbage. After a while, when the cabbage is soft, it can be out of the pot. Start!

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