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pumpkin bread

You remember to make this bread when the thread must not be too tight, if there is no gap between the second fermentation line and bread, then it is better to loosen the thread in the baking, because if there is a gap between the second fermentation line and bread, the bread will easily burst because of expansion when baking! So remember that the thread should not be too tight… Golden cheese powder is used in the material because I made this pumpkin bread with pumpkin powder. I am afraid that the color of pumpkin powder is not deep, so I added a little golden cheese powder to improve the color. If there is no golden cheese powder, it can also be added.

Food Material List

  • 1 High powder 230g
  • 2 pumpkin powder 30g
  • 3 Gold cheese powder 4G
  • 4 Unsalted butter 30g
  • 5 Egg 1
  • 6 butter 20g
  • 7 White granulated sugar 20g
  • 8 salt 2G
  • 9 milk 105g
  • 10 yeast 3G

Operational steps

  • 1 All ingredients except butter are poured into the bread machine. Selection and Face Button
    pumpkin bread
  • 2 Stir for 15 minutes, then add the softened butter and stir again.
    pumpkin bread
  • 3 Till a large film is stirred out.
    pumpkin bread
  • 4 The dough is then fermented in a bread machine and doubled in size.
    pumpkin bread
  • 5 The fermented dough is exhausted, kneaded and divided into 7 equal parts. Then take a dough and roll it flat and sprinkle a little honey beans on it.
    pumpkin bread
  • 6 The dough is wrapped and rounded.
    pumpkin bread
  • 7 Set cotton thread in meter shape
    pumpkin bread
  • 8
    Put the dough in the middle, then lift the thread and tie a knot. (Dont tie the line too tightly)
    pumpkin bread
  • 9 When all is ready, it is fed into oven for fermentation.
    pumpkin bread
  • 10 Fermentation to twice the size! If there is no gap between dough and thread after the second fermentation, gently stretch the thread with your hands, because the bread will continue to expand when baking! (oven preheated 175 degrees)
    pumpkin bread
  • 11 Bake at 170 degrees for 20 minutes in the middle of the oven (color on the way and cover with tin paper) for reference only.
    pumpkin bread

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