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Pumpkin paste with miscellaneous grains

Pumpkin favorite is to make all kinds of paste to drink, especially in the winter warm stomach warm heart this time I added rice and millet gold partner get up early to make a cup of thick miscellaneous grain pumpkin paste can be full throughout the day. To be honest, super recommend you make some miscellaneous grain paste every day and convenient to eat, and special nutrition on a soybean milk machine. Yes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pumpkin 300g
  • 2 rice 60g
  • 3 millet 20g

Operational steps

  • 1 Pumpkin peeling
    Pumpkin paste with
  • 2 Cut into small pieces
    Pumpkin paste with
  • 3 Wash the rice clean
    Pumpkin paste with
  • 4 The millet is washed clean
    Pumpkin paste with
  • 5 All the ingredients are put into the soymilk machine together with a proper amount of clear water.
    Pumpkin paste with
  • 6 Press the eight-treasure rice paste key.
    Pumpkin paste with


1. Pumpkin peeling is a big project < br > 2. Pumpkin should be cut into small pieces as much as possible so that it can be easily broken < br > 3. The ratio of rice to millet is just 3:1 < br > 4. If you like thick, add less water, and vice versa < br > 5. If you like sweet, you can add brown sugar 4.

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