a dish that goes with liquor

Qingyan rice tofu

Food Material List

  • 1 rice
  • 2 Quick lime

Operational steps

  • 1 Preparations: 1. Use ordinary indica rice. The quality of rice should be fresh and free of impurities. Waxy rice can not be used because of its high viscosity, not easy to make. (2) Lime. Fresh lime should be used according to the quantity of raw materials, not too much or too little. Too much alkalinity of lime makes rice tofu astringent and tastes heavy; too little alkalinity of lime makes rice tofu tasteless.
  • 2 Soak: Soak the prepared rice in a bucket for 10 to 12 hours.
  • 3 Grinding: The soaked rice is ground into rice pulp by a mill (or mill). In general, the slurry concentration is better if the slurry can flow down from the refiner.
  • 4 Boiling: Pour rice pulp into a hot water hot pot, then mix in the dissolved lime liquid.
  • 5 Forming: According to its shape, rice tofu can be divided into shrimp type and square type. Shrimp-like rice tofu is a kind of shrimp-like rice tofu, which can be quickly cooled into shrimp-like rice tofu by sieving the cooked paste into a water tank while it is hot, and then rinsed with cold water once or twice. The square rice tofu is to pour the cooked paste into the pot while it is hot, let it cool naturally and solidify, and then cut the rice tofu into several square pieces with a knife.
  • 6 Dressing: Mix hot and sour juice and pour it in. Then sprinkle bean sprouts, salted vegetable, sour radish, crisp soybeans and chilli oil on tofu.


Four points should be paid attention to in boiling:
1. Boiling water should be appropriate and excessive water should not be added at one time. The amount of water added (warm water) should be determined according to the degree of hardness and softness of paste boiling. Otherwise, the paste is too thin and the rice tofu is not easy to become granular. If the paste is too hard, it will cause the rice tofu not fresh enough.
The water temperature should not be too hot. Overheated rice pulp is easy to make dumplings and not easy to cook.
3. Mix frequently to avoid scorching.
Cook well. Cook the rice milk until it is fully cooked and not sticky. Otherwise, the rice tofu will be pasty and not smooth enough.

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