French cuisine

Quick-hand fried dumplings

Every dumpling has a lot of air bags. If youre tired of boiling, you might as well change your taste.

Food Material List

  • 1 Dumplings (fresh or frozen) custom

Operational steps

  • 1 Fresh and quick-frozen dumplings are available. This time they are used for quick-frozen dumplings.
    Quick-hand fried dumplings
  • 2 The pan is greased and the dumplings need not be thawed. They are well laid.
  • 3 Start frying on medium heat, and then hold an observation in a minute or two. If the bottom is brown, it can be poured into pure water. One-third of the dumplings have no water. (If it is fresh dumplings, the amount of water should be reduced appropriately.) Cover and bake for about five minutes.
  • 4 When the water is about to dry, pour in a small bowl of dilute flour water (flour: water = 1:10), and sprinkle sesame seeds and shallots (or not). There are no onions at home. I sprinkled green pepper.
    Quick-hand fried dumplings
  • 5 Pan-fry over low heat and finish.
    Quick-hand fried dumplings

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