French cuisine

Red Bean and Coix Rice Congee [Applicable to Student Party]

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean 100g
  • 2 Job tears 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 Put some red beans and coix in a bowl and soak in cold water for one night.
    Red Bean and
  • 2 Soak red beans and coix rice overnight in an electric rice cooker and add water to start cooking.
    Red Bean and
  • 3 In the process of cooking, we should open the lid of the pot from time to time so as not to overflow with too much water. When we can see that the color of the soup changes from light to dark, red beans come out of sand, and coix seeds come into blossom, we can put sugar in it. The amount of sugar can be added according to individual taste.~
    Red Bean and
  • 4 Bloggers like to eat dumplings, so when boiling red bean and coix rice, they cook several dumplings without filling with glutinous rice flour and put them in the pot to cook together. So a bowl of red bean and coix rice porridge is made. [Student Party, there are no more complete kitchen utensils in school, cell phone pixel residue, forgive me!] Red bean and Coix rice porridge, invigorate the heart, relieve swelling, invigorate the spleen, dispel dampness, eat more beneficial to the body and health. Kang ~
    Red Bean and


Red beans and coix are not easy to boil, so if you dont boil red beans and coix rice in a high pressure pot, it is recommended that red beans and coix rice be immersed in cold water for one night before they are better

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